Warhammer FRP: Path of the Damned


“Archaon may be defeated but the beasts of the Drakwald remain. Woe to the traveller who braves the depths of the forest.”
-Uli, Zealot

Our beloved heroes has ended up in the small town of Untergard that resently had withstand the attacks of Archaons forces of Chaos. The village is in dire need of help and most of the people still left in the village are either to old or to young.

Count Boris Toddbringer has sent gifts to the people in Untergard as a reward for their valour during the Storm of Chaos. Even as the people of Untergard celebrate this news, though, Mutants attack across the bridge. Then words comes of a Beastman force approaching Untergard from the south. The war, it seems, is not over after all. While the town’s patched-up and improvised defences are strong enough to hold back the occasional warband, Untergard cannot hope to stand against this new threat; the inhabitants must evacuate, and try to reach Middenheim and the protection of Count Toddbringer.


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